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We are so pleased that you came to visit us at We want you to have some fun. So look to your right and click on the dolphin sounds. You will hear the precious sounds that Mazy and her friends make as they move through the ocean waters. Below there are also some pictures of spinner dolphins as Mazy is a spinner and lives in the ocean waters near Hawaii.

Mazy the Dolphin™ knows that children are very special. She also knows how amazing you are. Her wish is that YOU understand just how amazing YOU are. So Mazy has a very special request of you! Here's Mazy…..

"Hello boys and girls, I am Mazy. Isn't it amazing that we are here together? I would like you to take a moment and think about What is Amazing About YOU? Then when you are ready I want you to write it down. Then I want you to ask Mom and Dad to help you go to "Submit Stories" so you can type your story in the box and send it to me. Don't forget to ask Mom and Dad for their permission. This is NOT a contest because I am automatically giving you an A+ for your story. I want YOU to write your story with all your might and listen to your inside and feel it. Just share your true feelings about all that is amazing about you. I can hardly wait to read it!"

"I am going to be posting your stories on my Blog." "So send them as fast as you can!" "Once we have collected 100 stories the staff of AmazingMazy will self-publish these stories into a book and make it available for you to own. The staff will keep publishing books every time we reach 100 stories. HOW EXCITING! Keep those stories coming."

"I have also shared some very special stories of my many adventures, in the vast ocean waters of Hawaii, with the staff of Amazing They have kindly listed these stories on "Mazy's Favorite Stories" Page. Please visit this page, you can order these stories for your very own. In addition, the staff has listed some of my favorite books."

Have lots of fun and enjoy!!! I love you all! Animated dolphin

The Dolphin Lady, by Virginia C. Smith

Introducing "The Dolphin Lady," "The Story of a Unique Relationship" by Virginia C. Smith.

Virginia Smith's new book, The Dolphin Lady™, vividly describes the highlights of her many encounters with her very dear friends - a pod of wild spinner dolphins – from witnessing the birth of a dolphin to being protected from a shark attack. If you’ve ever wanted to “swim with the dolphins” this is probably the next best thing. You won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to share in the highlights from her 18-year journey with a Hawaiian dolphin family.

The Dolphin Lady is now available in downloadable form, in a Kindle edition. If you do not have a Kindle reader you can download the Kindle app from you iPhone, iPad, or Blackberry, or go to and download the app for your PC. Enjoy your journey swimming with the dolphins!

Collin County Kids coverRead about Mazy the Dolphin™ and her friend Jonah, reprinted from the August-September 2005 "Collin County Kids." We hope you will enjoy this very special story!!!

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